MAY 04

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PrintEvent Title: Adult Colouring Night @ Upstreet

Time: 6pm to Midnight

Location: Upstreet Brewery

Admission: Free

Featured Artists: Renee Laprise // Lori Joy Smith // Gail Rutherford // Nadine Staff // Ashley Anne Clarke //  Rebecca Ford // Jeff Alward

Description: Come out and colour local artworks while enjoying a cold local brew!

Partners: Upstreet Brewery

MAY 04

Event Title: Stories that grow up to be books: new titles from Island publishers

Time: 7pm

Location: The Guild

Admission: Free

Featured Artists: John Cousins –Island Studies Press / Diane Hicks Morrow –  Acorn Press

Description: The stories that authors tell to their friends and family around the kitchen table, are where all books begin. Two Island publishers, Island Studies Press at UPEI, and Acorn Press, are hosting this evening of storytelling featuring the authors of their upcoming titles.

John Cousins, for Island Studies Press: This summer, Island Studies Press is publishing John Cousins’ long-awaited book featuring the remarkable story of the English Quakers who sailed here from London, England in 1773, with the dream of building a new industrial empire on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. These Quakers were not farmers or fishermen, but rather business people and tradesmen, and their mighty goal was to create a “new London” — right here on PEI. Where they settled and lived for many years before ultimately being defeated by the harsh conditions of the new world is — of course — the community they named and we know today, as New London, Prince Edward Island. True story.

Author John Cousins is a masterful storyteller and folklorist, and he will share tales of these brave settlers and their lives in the new world, and how they are woven into his new book.

Acorn Publishing will feature Diane Hicks Morrow telling stories from her book Fixing Up the Farmhouse.

For more info, contact Joan Sinclair at Island Studies Press:, or phone 566-0386.’ new title this spring.

May 3 – 7

indexEvent Title: I Saw The Light

Location: City Cinema

Showtimes: CLICK HERE

14A, language may offend, substance abuse
Dir: Marc Abraham, US, 124 min.
Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Cherry Jones

“Among doomed crooners, Hank Williams ranks near the top of the hit parade of angst, oppression, and addiction. One of the most influential pop musicians of the 20th century, he died in 1953 at just 29 years old, succumbing to a heart worn out by booze, drugs, love, and, as his ex-wife Audrey stated in the papers for their second divorce, ‘a life of wild extravagance.’… Tom Hiddleston puts in a performance as Williams that ranks with that of Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in I Walk the Line. And Hiddleston gets to do it in a better movie. Director Abraham relates the checkered life of Williams in compressed, often eloquent shorthand – brief scenes, images, and edits that relate years or months of misery and triumph. Much of the dialogue has the homespun, epigrammatic edge of some of Williams’s lyrics… Abraham makes it easy for his cast’s career-making performances.” – Peter Keough, The Boston Globe.

As part of Reading Town Week there will be a giveaway of the book the film is based on at each screening!


mEvent title: BOOK LAUNCH for Beulah Kettlehole and the Patriarchal

Time: 7 PM To 9 PM

Location: Confederation Centre Public Library

Admission: Free

Featured artist: Barbara Parsons

Description: Author Barbara Parsons will launch her new book, Beulah Kettlehole and the Patriarchal Bogotá, Colombia, 1971. This is the atmospheric and humorous tale of Claire Chesterton, blonde and flashy, newly posted to the British Trade delegation, who fears herself on the brink of ineligibility. A makeover brings several suitors, among them Jeremy Jooning, the delegation’s Number Three, a charming lush in a tired marriage. Claire’s cruel dismissal, upon following Jooning to New York, provides the finally spur to satisfying independence.Partners: Acorn Press / Island Studies Press

MAY 04

Event Title: May the Fourth be with Montague!

Location: Montague Rotary Library

Description: In partnership with the Montague Boys and Girls Club, the Montague Rotary Library will host a Star Wars Party. Participants will be encouraged to come dressed up in a Star Wars costume and engage in themed activities at the library. The event will culminate in the children sharing “the force” of reading by placing special book bundles throughout various public areas in the Town of Montague. Tags will be attached to each bundle indicating that the books are celebrating Reading Town PEI. The tags will also include the hashtag #peireads so that members of the public who discover the bundles will be encouraged to share images of their discoveries through social media.

MAY 04

Event TITLE: Dress up as your favourite literary character!

Date of Event: May 4, all day

Description: All Public Libraries on PEI invite you to dress up as your favourite author or literary character, show us your costume, and come see who the staff are dressing up as. Share a photo with us on social media, or come and borrow the book that goes with your costume.